You CAN travel internationally and domestically (Unless you from one of the 7 countries)

2 February 2017

Successful H-1 visa stamping: One of our clients had H-1 visa re-stamped at the Hyderabad consulate on Tuesday 31 January 2017. No issues!

Successful H-4 visa stamping and entry: I have just received this message from one of our clients:

At 6:30 AM, XXX said the following:

Good morning Rajivji, YYY (Spouse) came back from India yesterday evening and had no issues at her immigration check in Boston as well as her H4 stamping at Delhi on Jan 23rd.


1 February 2017

There have been some rumors (even “legal advice”) floating around about how, any non-white green card holders, nonimmigrant visa holders or even US Citizens must not travel within or outside the US. 

Unless you from one of the 7 countries, in my humble opinion, that is not universally true. If you need to, you can travel, and I see no reason why you should not. As long as you are maintaining legal status, travel should be acceptable. CBP can always question nonimmigrants and even immigrants about grounds of inadmissibility. I will post more information on that. but, that is no reason not to travel.

I spoke with my brother, Kedar Deval, a naturalized US citizen. Brown. He entered the USA at the Newark EWR Airport in New Jersey last night, 31 January 2017. He had absolutely no trouble getting into the USA. The experience of his two other “brown” colleagues was the same; uneventful. One of them was a green card holder and the other came from India on a business visa. They too entered USA without any problem. Please do not send Kedar any questions. He gave me his permission to use his name for the good of the immigrant community. Let us respect his time.

I was asked to specifically comment about citizens of Pakistan. So far, I have no news on this.

The situation has been made unnecessarily complicated by exceedingly inept leadership, but I don't think we need to panic. Whitehouse notwithstanding, we still live under the rule of law.

I will update this page with more information. 

Feel free to post your questions here. Please don't send me private messages. My mailbox is going crazy. Share your own experiences here as well.

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