Guestbook Entry for Deepak K Gupta, United States

Deepak K Gupta
North Carolina
United States

I would like to thank and congratulate for great work done by Mr. Khanna and team. My father stays in USA on B2 visa and as per guideline he cannot stay here for more than 6 months in a financial year. My father is having ill health and my mother is no more. I am completely responsible to take care of him. With the help of Mr. Khanna, We applied B2 Visa extension for my father second time and it got approved again. Otherwise, we all would have to go back to India. Peace of mind. I have received the approval notice. I really appreciate friendly and professional behavior of all team member I had interaction with. Whenever I had any query, it was resolved immediately. I strongly recommend Mr. Khanna for all immigration related matters. Thanks Again.

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