Guestbook Entry for Mayur Gajendragadkar, United States

Mayur Gajendragadkar
United States

Both my L1A visa related work and my EB1C related work is done by Rajiv's Law office.  My experience with them was simply awesome. They know the process well and they 1st understand the profile and about company and guide us accordingly. I think they are really a subject matter expert in this. Also I appreciate the response time, Anna worked on my L1A and Diane worked on my GC application and both were kind, pateient and prompt in responding any query. They patiently asnwered all my queries during the process. I got my GC in 2 month's time after filing and it was quick. You get personalize service during the process and which is very important since you are sure about what you are submitting to the department. Overall it was very plesant experience working with Rajiv's office and will definately recommend this office for all future immigrants. Good luck Rajiv and his team.          

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