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I am very happy to inform that I have received my PERM Labor Certification within six weeks of applying for it. This was, of course, preceded by extensive preparatory work, which is very important. I wish to thank the Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna for their competent consultation and filing. Both Mr Khanna and Ms Richa Narang, who has been assigned my case, have been very helpful, providing the right advice from time to time.With a large number of immigration attorneys in the market, the situation can be confusing for a prospective green card applicant. I think it is our good fortune that we contacted Mr. Khanna's Law Office. This was by sheer chance while browsing the internet. It has worked out very well. I am hopeful and confident that with the expertise, professionalism and continued assistance of Mr Khanna and his dedicated team, the next stages of the process will be smooth and successful.Thanks once again Rajiv and Richa .

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