Family-Based Green Cards Community Stories

Interview at Fairfax

I had my interview at 1:30 at Fairfax VA. Had printed my family picture at 12:50 on the way to interview it was heavy rain and reached there nick of time. We were called by an African American lady after 5 minutes after giving our oath she asked our ID and then got sign the waiver as our attorney was not with us. she asked question from my I-485 and she was very polite and calm everything was going smooth then she turn to my husband and ask about my date of birth which he forgot for few second and the then told her.

Interview at Buffalo (NY) DO

I had my interview back in November, at the Buffalo (NY) DO. It was so quick we were in and out of the office within 10- 15 mins. We had a very nice woman officer.

She asked us to swear the oath, she asked us 3 questions and wanted to see our utility bills.

Once she had photocopied them, she came back in the room and said my GC had been approved. She said i should recieve it within 2 weeks, which i did.

Hope everyone's GC interview could be so quick and easy.

Consular Processing Experience


Category: IR5 (parents)

Interview Date: Feb 2009
Consulate: Chennai, India

Jan 28, 2009: Called panel doctor Vijayalakshmi and fixed an appointment for Jan 31st, 11 AM.

30th Jan 2009:
Reached Lister Labs at 6:30 AM and no one was there. Security opened the gate and gave us the first token. We were out by 8:30 AM. Collected Sealed envelope at 4:30 PM. X-Ray, blood test cost: Rs 810.

31st Jan 2009:

Interview at Atlanta


Just wanted to update everyone and say we had our interview this morning, scheduled for 8 AM in Atlanta. We got there at 7.55, checked in at 7.59 and were called at 8.02. Interview was all done in 10 minutes and we were out of the building at 8.15.

Interview in Tampa


So, we had our interview in Tampa. We waited for about an hour and begin to get worried when people arriving after us started to get called in. Eventually after waiting for an hour we were called. the officer was nice and courteous. He asked for our ID's then a few questions about how and when we came about living on this planet. Then he

Interview Experience at San Jose

The questions I had - I am very grateful.

Now to the story about my interview experience today: My appointment was at 1:30PM but we arrived there at 1:05PM and we were called in like 5minutes later. The officer was very nice and he started off by making small talk about how deep my voice was when I answered him. This was as we walked down the hallway towards his office.