Recording for May 18, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

FAQs: Removing spouse from green card processing || Multiple green card petitions simultaneously and exploring concurrent filing of EB-2 NIW || What are the consequences of H-1B or green card fraud or misinterpretation? How does it affect my departure, assets and financial matters? || Transitioning from H-1B to I-485 GC EAD: maintaining status and re-employment considerations

Others: Choosing between F-1 and H-1B for prospective students || H-4 EAD eligibility for spouse based on pending permanent labor certification application, the AC21 rule and exploring options for spouse's employment authorization || H-1B status and options to preserve employment || Priority dates and CSPA: Implications for son's age lock, F-1 visa and continued stay during L-1A assignment || PERM Options: Future employer with approved prevailing wage for a 90% different job || Travel plans and passport changes: Validity of H-1B and options for stamping on Australian passport || Operating an LLC from outside the USA: Feasibility for H-4 EAD holders in Canada || STEM-OPT EAD Expires Before the visa. Is it safe to re-enter on DAY-1 CPT?

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