Adjustment of Status Community Stories

AOS Visa Interview at Denver

Had my interview today and the officer who was a lady was awesome. Very friendly and she had no hidden agenda to try and prove our marriage wrong. This is how interviews for this should be versus some of the horror stories you hear.

The only document she asked for was to see originals of: marriage cert, birth cert of me and spouse. She then asked for any documents I had showing joint documents: I handed her bank acc, and medical document showing joint memberships. Thats it!! She didnt even ask to see 1 photograph!! She took I-94.

AOS Interview Experiences at San Jose

I havent posted my interview experience elsewhere, so am just going to write it in here. I must say that I was not too prepared for the interview (esp compared to most of you), since I had been traveling all that week, and since I am basically lazy
My interview was for 9am, so we reached the DO 15 min before 9. There was no line at security, and we quickly made our way to the upstairs waiting room. I must say that the security guy here was much nicer than the ones at the front.

Seattle DO AOS Interview Experience

I went for my interview, which went well. No surprises with a nice officer.
The common, have you ever no no no!
We were asked about the spouse's siblings,our honeymoon, when and how we met, how long we'd been dating before marriage, but nothing tricky.
Quite easy I would say.

The officer checked Id's, last taxreturn with W-2s, updated address (because we moved), marriage cert.

Tampa AOS interviews

Alright,  first off thank you to everyone that helped me out with what to bring!
We showed up with about 30 pounds of paperwork, photos, tax returns, wedding albums, cards.

Our appointment was at 1 pm, we arrived around 12:15. We got in the lineup, and waited. and waited and waited. (got a little warm considering it is still in the high 80s, 90s) At about 12:55 they let us in along with a swarm of other people coming in for the same thing (and some naturalization cases) We signed in, and waited right up at the door to be called.

I-1551 Stamping

As I got my approval/551 stamp this week, I thought it would be best to share some experience to help others; This may be applicable in Texas and
Atlanta, so read with caution and use accordingly.

Texas SC
485 rcpt date 2/2002
FP done 4/2003
Approved 5/2004

My online status never changed, except when approved (No change during FP etc). This may help some who are worried like me when online status never changed.