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DV Lottery Interview Experience

Hello people.

i had my interview a month ago and due to sputum test thing i had to wait till today for the results.
they sent my medical report to embassy and tomorrow i am going to send my passport to embassy for temporary visa.
i had my interview with my wife, and we waited like 2 hours before the interview.

my wife and i were married after i won the lottery by the way.
we got lots of photos with us to Ankara. 

Naturalization Experience

This week I went for my oath ceremony and I am now officially a US Citizen. 

The process was very smooth overall.

My only beef is that for the interview I had to go to Holtsville and for the oath I had to go to Central Islip. I live in Queens and I don't drive so getting to those places was a major issue. 

Here's my N400 timetable:


5 years rule

Asylum Interview Experience

I think it will be different with each people. In my case, all three times were different.
The officer usually did a small talk with me while going to the room from the hall asking me about the weather and other information which was not listed in application from my previous state where I lived and how I liked it here. IMO, I took that in good and bad way. Good way in the sense, that he wanted me to feel comfortable and bad way, like as if he is saying, I already know everything about you. So, its a mixed bag.

My N400 progress

DO: Atlanta

06/07/06: Mailed N400 to TSC
06/12/06: Mail arrived at TSC and priority date
06/14/06: Checks encashed
06/21/06: Notice received
06/26/06: FP notice received
07/11/06: FP Date
07/21/06: Notice for interview.
08/30/06: Interview date.

It is all DONE. I am now a citizen of USA.

N-400 Timeline - Naturalization Experiences

  1. Just came back from the Oath Ceremony at White Plains' Court House. It was emotional, finally it is over. I was able to apply for my passport at the same place right after the ceremony. The Actually Ceremony only took about 15 minutes, it was the process before hand, waiting for the Immigration officers to check everyone's info that took a while. Thanks god and everyone, and good luck to all who is currently on the process...See you all in Family based forum!
    5 yrs rule
    DO :NYC

N-400 Naturalization experience


My interview happened on August 23rd, was based on as Asylum based Green Card. I got to 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan on time and sat down. About 45 minutes later, I, along with 5 other names were called and asked to come through a door. We were led into another smaller room and asked us to sit down. And told us we'd be called. It was probably a different part of the floor where other immigration officers sat. it's also possible we had special circumstances in our cases. I was called first and met an EXCEPTIONALLY professional, polite, and pleasant Immigration Officer.