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I wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful comments and guidance posted in this forum!

Went to the USCIS office in Manhattan yesterday for my interview at 730 am. After going through security went to the waiting area and handed my interview notice to the receptionist. My name was called by the IO at 8 am. It must have been a very quiet day and there were no more than 15-20 people in the waiting area!

Naturalization interview without the Country of Citizenship passport

So I had my interview on Sept 3rd and I went in without the Original Country of Citizenship Passport however as my previous posts state that I had made color copies of each page in my Passport book. Furthermore, I got each page notarized by a Notary Public and obtained a letter from Swiss Embassy that my original Passport (number xxxxx) is with them with effect from data xxxx for Schengen visa processing etc.

Boston MA - Naturalization Interview Experience

Had my Naturalization Interview this morning and all went well, I was issued an N-652 indicating that my application has been recommended for approval. After weeks of stressing over this it took about 20 minutes from start to finish, the I/O was a very nice Gentleman, I probably thanked him a little too much at the end but I was very happy and proud.

Waiting for Asylum Decision

I'd like to share my PAINFUL experience with you guys. AND you guys have to know that I'm still painful now.

Let's get started with the TIME SCHEDULE:

10/27/2014 Arrived in the United States with B2 visa
11/00/2014 i-589 sent, which I can't remember which day exactly
11/08/2014 Receipt Arrived
11/00/2014 Fingerprints & Interview Notice, which I can't remember which day exactly
12/19/2014 Interview

N-400 Interview Experience in Atlanta, GA

My interview was done on December 11, 2012 For n 400, I passed the test but the officer gave me a letter saying that the decision cannot be made now.. Two days later I received request for evidence letter.. They requested my petition for divorce.. My green card is based on marriage that only lasted two years.. The condition was removed after the divorce.. I sent a copy of the petition for divorce on December 21.. I have not received anything since. Has anyone been asked to provide a certified copy of the petition for divorce before? Please help I am confused.

Oath Ceremony

Went through my Oath Ceremony on Wednesday. It was a tremendous event and I'm very proud to now be a US Citizen. There were 727 applicants and numerous family members present at The Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA.

Parents Visitor Visa (B2) Interview - Chennai Consulate Tamil

I would like to share my parents visitor visa experience as it might help others who are in my situation.
They are not educated and doing Agriculture in their own land. They don't speak or understand anything other than TAMIL.


I am in US and I directly sent all the documents to a travel agent in Chennai who helped me to file DS-160 and organize documents for my parents.
My parents just prepared a affidavit document for their properties through an attorney and brought property papers along with them when they come for interview to Chennai.

Approved!! I just had my interview!

Approved!! I just had my interview! It was quick and smooth. We started with going through my application. Name change, the NO questions and the YES questions. Signed some papers. Then the civic test:
1. What is freedom of religion?
2. How many senators are there?
3. Which ocean lies in the east coast?
4. What age do men join the selective service?
5. When was the constitution written?
6. Which state borders Canada?
Then the English test.
What are the Colors of the American Flag?