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Received asylum GC from TSC

Just received my green card based on asylum approved more than 1yr ago.

See below for my timeline. Feel free to ask me anything. Always happy to help out members of this forum.


# My timeline

- In status, H1B VISA approved in May 2014

- 06/19/2014 - Filed I-589 (Application for Asylum) in Jersey City, NJ

- 06/24/2014 - Received fingerprint notice

- 07/03/2014 - Fingerprint recorded at the USCIS Application Support Center in Elizabeth, NJ

- 07/09/2014 - Received interview notice

In line for an interview over 2months

I had my interview at 10:15 on Jan 26 (Seattle, WA). I arrived at 9:45 but they wouldn't let me check in til exactly 15 mins before the interview time. They ran late so they only called me at saw me at 10:45. It took 30 mins. The officer interviewing me was quite young and initially very formal but by the end he was chatting with me, really friendly and nice. Went over every page of my application and asked me to answer pretty much all the questions orally to check my answers against the form.

F1 Student Visa Refusal

I have applied for Student visa for Chicago IIT college as I had I20 for the same. DS160 Listed consulate as Mumbai but as dates were not available I have chosen the Delhi Consulate
I had an interview and I got rejection.

Below were the questions asked.
1) Why do u come here to Delhi for interview ? - A. I gave the reason that i couldn't get a date for Bombay in December ( My nearby embassy is Bombay )
2) Why Chicago IIT ? A. Gave explanation