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N-400 Naturalization experience

Just came back from the Oath Ceremony at White Plains' Court House. It was emotional, finally it is over. I was able to apply for my passport at the same place right after the ceremony. The Actually Ceremony only took about 15 minutes, it was the process before hand, waiting for the Immigration officers to check everyone's info that took a while. Thanks god and everyone, and good luck to all who is currently on the process...See you all in Family based forum!

Experience with Oath Ceremony in Islip, NY

I had my oath ceremony there a few months back. Family and friends are allowed in but make sure not to bring noisy kids with you because they may kick out noisy kids. Your "entourage" won't be allowed to sit with you though as they will be told to sit down either way in the back or where the jury usually sits. 

They will give you a package with a few things in. I remember there was a passport application, a congratulation letter from President Obama, a brochure about voting, a copy of the oath and the lyrics of the Pledge of Allegiance which you will have to sing. 

The Journey starts

Well I managed to wrestle my way through cluster-crap Dar es Salaam traffic today and made it to the US Embassy at 1:45pm and was immediately whisked in.

When I walked into the consular section I was flabbergasted by the number of people there (I could easily count 50 people) and knew I'd be there for at least 2-3 hours.

Anyway the guard who ushered me in told me to go hand my green pickup slip at the counter which I did and was told to sit and wait.

Successful H1 and H4 Stamping Experience

New Delhi

I  will begin with a sincere thanks for all the information I have got from these forums over the last few months and the amount of confidence I have gained through it.
Now, its my turn give back something by sharing my experience and hope this helps in giving some information to the others like me.

My visa was scheduled for 08:15 AM I reached the car parking in the nearby Malcha Marg parking by 7:45 AM. It is few minutes walk from there. I reached embassy by 7:55 or so. I was with my wife who would get an H4.


My 22 year journey comes to a close

Hello All - Just want to let you know of my interview experience today. We were scheduled for a 9:00 AM interview at the Baltimore office, and having woken up bright and early, both my wife and I were in the waiting room by 8:10 AM. Fairly simple process to check in once you get in the building and find the room. It was early so there just a few people there waiting. Seemed like people were getting called in quickly and the environment was pretty light, stress-free. I was called in 30 minutes early and was ready to go.

Boston, MA -N 400 Interview Experience

I just left my interview. Three words: Piece of Cake!

The questions were:
1. Who is the commander in chief
2. State bordering Mexico
3. 3 of the original 13 states
4. Major political parties
5. The president's party
6. Who wrote the declaration of independence.

Reading/Writing: Who elects congress/People elect Congress
badabing badaboom!!! was out the door in less than half hour with Oath letter in hand.
Thank you Immigration Portal...its been real!

DV 2013 Visa Interview Experience, Kathmandu Nepal


Here is my DV visa interview experience. It was a success.

Embassy: Kathmandu, Nepal

CO: Male, Mid 30s
Interviewee (Me): Male, Mid 20s, Single.

CO: What is your name ?
CO: What did you study ?
CO: Why did you go to that college ? (college was in India)
CO: What do you do now ?
... (I said I used to work as .....)

CO: Why did you leave the job ?
... (I said to for this interview, had to leave the country of job and come prepare documents)