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Rescheduling Oath

I just had my interview at LIC office on Monday August 6, 2012 at 3:15 pm. Everything went great and the officer was really warm and friendly. Before I was called in I noticed that everyone who came out of the interview was being given an oath date of August 29th. When my interview was finished the officer said I would get an oath letter in the mail because it was after 3pm and they don't give letters after 3pm. I asked if it would be for August 29th, and she said she was not sure whether it would be that day or in September.

Asylee Citizenship Interview Experience Re COP

This forum made me sleep better on many nights and told me what to expect at every step. Nothing was a surprise from Asylum to US Passport.

Waited many many years and got my Asylum I485 approved in 2002. Applied N400 in Aug 07, FP in Jan 08, Citizenship interview in April 08 and got my Oath in May 08. Applied for passport routine service at the oath ceremony and got my passport in 9 days. My online status still shows my case pending since Oct 2007 !!

US Citizenship experience in Boston

Just want to share my experience.

Application sent: June 12 2012
Applied on my own, no lawyers.
Submitted the following documents
- N400
- G-1145
- 2 color photo
- GC photocopy
- Birth cerficate photocopy
- check for $680
- Cover letter

FP done: July 25 2012
- location: 170, Portland st, Boston
- went there 1 hour earlier than interview time, no issues. was allowed in the line right away.
- took around 1 hour total including waiting time and FP

Interview Experience at Seattle

Interview today in Seattle. Arrived 8:10am was called in at 8:30 - really nice guy reviewed my file, asked me a couple questions about my name change. Questions:

Name 1 war America fought in the 1900's - WW2
Who is the chief Justice - Don't know
How many representatives in the house - 435
How often do we vote for them - every 2 years
When do we vote for the president - November
He asked me one more but I can't remember right now

Then he asked if I was free today for the Oath

So, Oath today, hours from now I will be a citizen!

Consular Proceesing Interview in Canada

My wife recently had her interview on June 6. the process was pain free except for one minor issue. she had become canadian citizen few days before and didnt have her canadian passport on her at the time of interview. Verbally the visa was approved but on the sheet handed to us, it said visa rejected due to Canadian Passport. We mailed the passport to the consulate the very next day and it was received by the consulate the next day. We are still awaiting a reply from the consulate and have been unable to contact the consulate via phone/email.

Consular processing Interview at Montreal

Hi, I would like to share my experience of our interview in US consular in Montreal. Our appointment was schedule on June 20th 2011 at 8h30am. We arrived at the US consular at 8h00am and we got our interview only at 11h00am as there was a lot of peoples waiting in front of us. The interview went well. The typical questions are: How long have you been working? When did you apply for the visa? Confirmed the country of birth? How long have you been leaving in Canada? Confirmed your current address?

CP interview in Delhi (India) - tips and recommendations

CP interview in Delhi (India) - tips and recommendations

went for my CP interview in Delhi and am writing my recommendations here. These were written for Delhi specifically, but general principles are same for all places. Add ur suggestions to make it complete.

going for CP interview involves:
1. Pre-travel arrangements
2. travel from US to India
3. Pre-interview work (on landing in India)
4. Interview
5. Post interview/travel back to US/port of entry

1. Pre-travel arrangements:

AOS Visa Interview at Denver

Had my interview today and the officer who was a lady was awesome. Very friendly and she had no hidden agenda to try and prove our marriage wrong. This is how interviews for this should be versus some of the horror stories you hear.

The only document she asked for was to see originals of: marriage cert, birth cert of me and spouse. She then asked for any documents I had showing joint documents: I handed her bank acc, and medical document showing joint memberships. Thats it!! She didnt even ask to see 1 photograph!! She took I-94.

AOS Interview Experiences at San Jose

I havent posted my interview experience elsewhere, so am just going to write it in here. I must say that I was not too prepared for the interview (esp compared to most of you), since I had been traveling all that week, and since I am basically lazy
My interview was for 9am, so we reached the DO 15 min before 9. There was no line at security, and we quickly made our way to the upstairs waiting room. I must say that the security guy here was much nicer than the ones at the front.