B-2 Visa

B2 visa to green card

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I am a US citizen can I apply for green card for her while she is in US and can she stay here while the application is in process?

The answer to both your questions is - yes. But you MUST speak with a lawyer to understand all the nuances of her case.

B-2 Visa Multiple destination

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My grandmother has a B2 visa to visit Guam. After her two week stay, she wants to visit her other daughter in California but she will have to go back to Philippines for a day because its cheaper to travel from Phil. to Cali. Can she still use the same B2 visa. When will she have to surrender her I-94? After the California trip?

As long as the visa is valid and permits multiple entries (not all visas do), I see no problem.

B-2 Visa

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I am US citizen trying to bring my friend from Pakistan to visit me in America , how hard is the process for him to visit, as we have never offical met in person, but are connected online. I hear you have to have proof that we actually have met, like pictures?. Is this hopeless? Would it be better for me to meet him out of the country?

Getting a B-2 visa for a single person tends to be very difficult. If you meet him once, you can get him here on a Fiance (K-1) visa. That is much better if you want to get married.

B1/B2 Category

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I have already applied for the draw for the Diversity Lottery Visa for which I am eligible.If at all I dont get selected and want to make a B1/B2 application thereafter will I have to mention in the application form that I have been denied such a chance for lottery before and if I choose not to do so can the consulate people find out that this person has made such an application before.Please advise for the correct approach.

I have been revoked to seattle with visa B1/B2

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Last november 11, 2009 I went to seattle for vaccation. I detained: 1-one returned ticket for may 3, 2010; 2-one electronic ticket for one mission on geneva from december 1st to 7, 2009; 3- 3books for my online MBA courses; 4- one visa B1 & B2 for 10 years issue on july 2007, 5- a letter for my employer. But when I arrive to airport the immagration office say that I came to work or study, but not for vaccation. They put me in Jail ARROUND 1 MONTH and they revoked me.
I want to know the way to make my complaint and ask to review my case. I am an international worker since 1999.

You will need a consultation with a lawyer. It appears you were formally denied admission and excluded from entering USA. The one-month detention sounds strange. Anyhow, get a lawyer, this is not a simple matter.

Applying for B1/B2

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Have a pending I-130 with priority date of 26 OCt 2002 In the F2B category, now my cousin wish for me to visit her in MARYLAND, My parents and siblings live in the states and I have been denied B2 Visa befor in 2002 , but I have also travelled to the US before as a child first in 1987 and 1992 with my father. QUESTION is I have 5 Years working experience in a bank, I have travelled to the UK,FRANCE,ITALY AND SPAIN regularly on holidays in the last 3 years. What are my chances of getting a visitors visa? If my chances are not bright, I might as well forget about applying for a visitors visa.

Your chances are slim, but it is impossible to predict.

How to apply for visitors visa?

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My mother in law would like to visit me and her grand daughter and i would like to get her a visitor visa what do i need to get that and how do i get one?

She needs to contact the US consulate closest to where she lives. Normally, they will be able to tell her what she needs to bring and what the procedure is. This information should also be available on consular web site. Most consulates also respond to e-mail enquiries.

B-1/B-2 Visa

We requested a reconsideration of a B-1/B-2 visa denial by a US Consulate in India. The applicant and his wife applied for visa to visit their son in the U.S. The wife was granted a 10 year multiple entry visa, but the husband's application was denied based on Section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (possible immigrant). This obviously made no sense. Why would one of the husband-wife applicants be denied while the other one granted the visa?  We requested reconsideration, fully explaining the circumstances in his favor and providing further proof.

B-1/B-2 visa granted.