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Green-Card holders who've been allowed entry to the US after a long absence

I first entered the US in July 2014 to activate my green card. I applied for a re-entry permit and I then left in September 2014. My re-entry permit was eventually granted and I picked it up at the London Consulate in about November 2014. Interestingly, the consular officer told me that I could stay out of the US with the re-entry permit for two years from the date of its issuance (which was about two months after I had actually left the US).

Finally US Citizen!!!!!

Finally the last Friday, Jan 17th I became an American Citizen, it's was a easy, quickly and simple ceremony at 26 Federal Plaza, I was request to be there at 11:00 am, when arrive to the place a big line inside was waiting for me but was fast, them I went to the 3rd floor, make another line with my letter and GC, a few minutes later I was lil interview about the questions on the letter and give my GC to the officer, them somebody show me my seat, almost full with like 150 people from 57 diferent countries.

N-400 experience in Cleveland

This has been quite an amazing journey towards my citizenship. People have been super nice and responsive.

I arrived in the US in Jan 1995 (so I have lived here in the Cleveland area since then, roughly 21 years - went to College of Wooster). I got my greencard in 2001 (had it for the past 15 years) and now I am ready to be a US citizen!

They received my package on March 14.
My biometrics was on April 12th (29 days from application)
My interview is on May 23ed. (2 months and 10 days since application)

Citizenship interview schedule

We completed our interviews and oath ceremony this week. I speak from my personal experience only but I believe when you submit your N-400 applications, they try to keep track of both spouse's cases together. We filed 3 years ago and both our case statuses would change at the same time, even though I know I was the primary applicant responsible for the delay due to name and security checks.

N-400 RFE asked at the day of the Interview

My friend had a naturalization interview on June 28. He passed the tests, but they asked for tax transcripts for the past 3 years and proof that he is current with all of his income state tax obligations. 
On July 11 he went in person in Chicago USCIS office and gave the required evidence. On the same they, he received email that a recent action was taken on his case. The online status was saying that request for evidence was asked and he has deadline until June 28 to do so. Once again, he gave them the required documents on July 11.