National Interest Waiver

A method to obtain green card used to avoid the need for PERM based labor certification.

EB1 - Alien of Extraordinary Ability and EB2 - National Interest Waiver

We won both an EB1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability case and a National Interest Waiver for this applicant.  He was noted as being an exceptionally qualified, brilliant and outstanding researcher amongst an international peer group.  We provided copies of his substantial publication record as well as evidence of his numerous "invited" presentations.  This applicant had patented material which was identified as innovative and pioneering in the field and admired by top researchers.

EB2 - National Interest Waiver

We won this case based on the applicant's critical role in a key U.S. Air Force project.  His level of expertise in this specialized field was highly sought after and necessary to achieve the military's objectives.  We provided letters from experts in the Air Force stressing their need to keep the applicant on the project or else it would fail.

EB2 - National Interest Waiver

We won this case as the applicant was noted to be a critical component to the success of various projects and had a very large impact on the research program.  Referees described this applicant's talents to be rare and difficult to replace by U.S. workers.  Her original and pioneering research made her uniquely qualified to further this intrinsically important research which greatly effected the nation as a whole.

EB2 - National Interest Wavier (Physician in Medically Underserved Area

We won a case for National Interest Waiver for a Physician working in a medically underserved area.  We provided a five year contract, copy of his J-1 Waiver approval, numerous experience letters, a letter from the Department of State and documentation to reflect statistics of health professional shortage in the area.

EB1 - Outstanding Researcher and EB2 - National Interest

We obtained both and Outstanding Researcher and National Interest Waiver for this applicant.  Based on his strong academic record and exceptional work experience we were able to obtain letters of recommendation from leading experts around the world.  The applicant was currently working for one of the most prestigious research/teaching institutes in the world.  His innovative research was noted internationally and he had multiple scholarly articles in well-respected journals.  He also held membership in leading professional societies.&nbs

EB2 - National Interest Waiver

We won this case for an applicant with five years research experience.  The applicant was able to secure a very strong letter from the National Science Foundation director which detailed the innovative and pioneering work of the applicant.  It was noted that his skills were critical for an initiative developed by the Foundation.  We also offered evidence of his strong Ph.D. work as well as his publication record.

EB2 - National Interest Waiver

This applicant was a data recovery specialist under contract with the U.S. government providing critical skills to a high-level project.  It was noted by referees that his knowledge and background were rare and greatly needed in the interest of our national defense.  We provided documentation of his academic achievements as well as additional specialized training.