FAQ: Multiple companies applying for H-1B Cap registration - H-1B lottery

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I am an international student currently of F-1 visa status and will be graduating in May-23. I have the below questions:

1. Can multiple companies / employers apply for H1-B on my behalf in this upcoming H1-B cap pool?

2. If yes, is there a possibility that the employers might get to know about this?

3. Should my name in the passport and birth certificate match exactly? My birth certificate has an abbreviation my last name but my passport has my complete last name.


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When there is no connection between two companies, and they are not colluding to help somebody get an H-1B visa or increase their chances of getting selected in the H1B lottery, multiple companies can file. Interestingly, even different units within the same bigger company could file if they have a genuine need and not face any issues.