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Monday, February 25, 2019 - 04:14

Naturalization Issues - Stay Outside for Medical Reasons


My parents are getting ready to file their N400 naturalization application online soon. Here is their situation :
They got their Green Card ( I sponsored them) in April 2013. They have made four trips to India , two of which were less than 32 days. However one trip in 2013-2014 was for 204 days but this trip is outside of the 5year look-back period now. They took another trip in in August 2014 ,returning in March 2015 for a total of 193 days outside. They had to stay back longer due an unexpected health issue when my mom had to undergo surgery. They have paid filed their tax returns as a resident for every year since getting their GC even-though they do not owe any taxes - they do have some passive income in India. They do live with me and while they have bank account there are not many transactions in it. Also they have medical coverage through ACA where they get premium assistance. Would 5 years of tax returns along with medical documents that show my Mom's diagnosis and surgery followed by physiotherapy be sufficient to overcome the presumption of abandonment of residence in US because they stayed about 13 days more than 180 during their trip in 2014-2015 ?


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The answer is Yes. If you have a good medical reason like you do you should be able to explain that delay. If she is not able to travel because of surgery and because of extended physical therapy I think you should be fine. More...


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