Monday, February 6, 2023 - 01:48

Consequences of employer withdrawing I-485 Supplement J


Currently working with Employer B.
My PD - EB2 India, Aug 2013 with old employer A
Sep 2022 - Filed I485 with Employer A's I485J (which he provided that I will join his consultancy company)

  1. I always intended to join him but we couldn't find a new project in this market. He mentioned he is going to withdraw the I485J and I140.
  2. Will it be a right-away denial, RFE or USCIS will issue NOID?
  3. If USCIS issues RFE/NOID and the response date is after the 180 days mark - Can I provide 485J from my current Employer or any other employer or self-company?


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