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Monday, March 8, 2010 - 07:12

File I-485 while J-1 waiver is pending


I am currently in the US under the VWP which expires March 15. I was about to apply for a marriage-based GC but I just found out that I am subject to 2-years HRR. I applied for a waiver (no objection). A lawyer told me today that I should still file the I-485 and just leave the question "subject to" blank or check "yes" and add "waiver pending". Is that going to work? I don't want to overstay the VWP. How many days does it usually take to find out that I-485 submission got accepted and I can legally overstay the VWP?


To the best of my knowledge that information is incorrect. You can file AOS only after the waiver is approved.