H-1B visa transfer before arrival into the USA

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This is regarding the H-1B transfer from India before working for Employer.

I have the H-1B visa stamped with employer A, but now I want to transfer the H-1B to Employer B. I have not yet entered the USA and I have not started working for employer A.

Can I transfer the H-1B visa to new Employer B, and what are the mandatory documents that are required?

Also, I wanted to know if the pay slips are mandatorily required for H-1B Transfer as I don't have any. Looking for more details about pay slip requirements.

If I can transfer my H-1B to Employer B, then should I travel to the USA and then start the process or should I do it from India?


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Yes, you can transfer your H-1B visa from employer A to employer B even if you have the visa stamped with employer A and haven't entered the US. Pay stubs are not mandatory for this transfer, and you can travel on the old visa stamp with the new employer's H-1B approval. However, it's advisable to consult with H-1B lawyers before traveling. Ensure you obtain the H-1B approval from the new employer before entering the U.S.