Delays in marriage-based immigrant visa processing: Expedite options and travel issues

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My son-in-law was interviewed at the US Consulate in Frankfurt in May 2023 for a marriage-based immigrant visa. They have requested his CV with traveling details for further processing. His case has been in Administrative processing for well over 90 days. I have two questions:

1. Is anything can be done to expedite the process?

2. He has traveled to the US on a B1/B2 visa four times prior to his interview from Germany. Is there any problem with him traveling to the USA to visit his wife while his case is in Administrative processing?


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Regarding his previous B1/B2 travel history to the U.S., there shouldn't be an issue with further travel while his case is in administrative processing. Although there's a slight possibility of being turned away at the airport, Customs and Border Protection usually treats spouses of U.S. citizens with consideration.

To avoid potential travel hassles, your son-in-law can clear U.S. immigration at Dublin Airport, which offers a more convenient option.


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