Green card processing, F-1 visa, and H-1B transition: Travel and work considerations

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I am on an F1 visa, and My spouse is on a Green Card. My Green Card through my spouse is under processing(I-130 under Review). I am graduating in March 2024. My questions are as follows:

At what stage in my Green Card Processing can I start traveling outside the USA?

Let us consider my GC is still under processing by the time I graduate and enter the job market:

A)Can my employer file an H1 while my Green Card is under processing?

B)Given my H1 got picked, will there be any issue for me to travel to India to get my H1 stamped?


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If your green card application is family-based, such as through your spouse, and you have student status, it could potentially become a problem if you travel. In your case, I would suggest traveling only after you obtain either an H-1B visa stamping or Advanced Parole.

A. Certainly, there is absolutely no problem with that; a green card can be in process, and an H-1B can be filed.

B. No. The pending green card application should not hamper or impede the grant of an H-1B visa because the H-1B is a dual intent visa.