Remote work for a U.S. startup: Starting off on managerial duties from India before L-1 visa filing

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Can an Indian employee start working for a US startup as a manager remotely from India while his L1 is filed a few months later? Will the L1 processing will be earlier for the startup as the employee has been performing the duties and also being paid the required wages (employers ability to pay)


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The answer is yes. L-1 does not necessitate a demonstration of the ability to pay, as there is no such requirement for L-1 visas. There are two key points to consider: Firstly, the work must be carried out through a local organization. While there is some ambiguity in this area, you must collaborate with a sister company. Therefore, if the startup has an affiliate or sister company in India and you are beginning work with them, it is completely permissible. However, it's crucial to remember that you cannot qualify for an L-1 unless you have worked outside the United States for a branch or an affiliated entity of this company for a minimum of one year.