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This question is related to getting an FNU (First Name Unknown) removed from a green card and updated with the correct first name. In my wife's passport, the last name is empty and the first and last name is combined as Given Name. So in the green card, FNU is given as her first Name and full Name as last name. We are planning to update the Indian passport with a split name correction.

I understand that we need to file an I-90 for a name change. Since this is a split name correction, do we need to get the county court certification for name update, or is just presenting the updated passport with name correction (with first and last name mentioned) enough? Is any other documentation required? 

While the name correction is being processed  with USCIS will there be any issues traveling outside the country?


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It is not illegal to travel while you are trying to do a name change. She should be okay as long as she can prove she is the same person., She may be delayed, probably because they put her in secondary inspection when she returns. 


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