Retaining valid H-1B status while AOS is pending and when to file Supplement J

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1) Most attorneys don't recommend to abandon H1B status while AOS is pending.
What are the chances of AOS denial for someone who has had a clean history and is a law abiding alien living in the US waiting for AOS?
2) What are your thoughts about the timing of filing I-485 J? Upon job change, should it be filed proactively or wait for RFE Won't it delay the AOS adjudication if it's not filed proactively?

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I do not think you should let your H-1B or even L-1 lapse just because you have a I-485 pending. There are times when things go wrong with the I-485. So it's such an easy thing to maintain your H-1B.

As far as the I-485 J is concerned, I personally feel that the Adjustment Of Status Supplement J should be filed as quickly as possible as it will give you an  additional protection. More...



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