Entry into the U.S. using the Advance Parole after green card approval during a trip abroad

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Background: Applied I-485 application under EB3 after downgrade from EB2 in 2020. Refiled another I- 485 application under EB2 in 2021. Received EAD/ AP combo card from EB3 application in Jan 2022. Used it to travel out of country in July 2022. Green card approved in EB2 category while out of country. Entered USA using the Advance Parole from EB3 in August 2022 as the green card was in mailbox in USA. At Port of Entry, I informed them about the approval of I-485. However, they paroled me in for 1 year until August 2023 and stamped Advance pare in my passport. I collected my physical card from the mailbox after reaching my home.


What is my status now- Green card or Advance parole?  Any impact on my green card status with that AP stamp as I used AP from EB3 after approval of green card from EB2?  I did not receive any notice form USCIS about withdrawing EB3 application after they granted green card under EB2. Should I ask USCIS to cancel the EB3 application or assume that it is automatically canceled by USCIS?


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You can contact the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and go to one of their offices which is usually at the airport. They are called Deferred Inspection. As a green card holder, they might be able to change your I-94 or your admission to a green card holder. I would also like you to double check first with the CBP and then with the congressman.

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