Can I use an approved, but never used, H-1B petition to transfer to a different company?

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I have had an approved H-1B petition since 2010 but never used it. Can I reuse that petition and obtain an H-1B transfer to a different company? The old company who has filed H-B petition has not withdrawn it.

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The problem I see is that the approval is too old. A never-used H-1B approval obtained more than six years ago may not be viable. But, you can have it researched further. I suggest you look into something called the” remainder option.” Although, it is probably not applicable to you, but your lawyers should make sure of that.  Normally, the remainder option is available for people who were employed for a while in the USA on H-1B. These folks, if they go outside the United States for one year after the H-1B employment, can get the time remaining on their H-1B without regard to when it was approved.


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