Changing Status from Tourist or Business Visa (B1 or B2) Within the United States

Right now I'm in USA on B1 visa. I came last week 1st Oct 2017. Got the stamp for 6 months (i94 expires on Mar 31, 2018). This is the 3rd time I'm traveling to the US on B1. Below are the previous trip details.
Aug 02 2014 To Sep 28 2014, May 03 2015 To Jun 15 2015,3) Oct 1 2017 To till date (Nov 11 2017). Now my company wants to file L-1B petition for me. The employer is ready to file an application for L-1B in the USA if it is legitimate.
1) Now I'm already in the US, so Is there a process to get my L-1B without going back to my country (India)? Is B-1 to L-1B is a complex process? Is there any complication(s) if I put my petition in USA?
2) What will be the time frame to get L-1B?

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1. You should go to your home country or a third country. You can go to Canada or Mexico. B-1 and B-2 are not complex if you qualify. L-1B's are very difficult to get. Specialized knowledge employee is very difficult to get but if you qualify not a problem. 

2. Regarding time frame you can always apply through premium processing and within a few weeks, you should get your adjudication done.  More 


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