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Questions about 'recommendation letters' for EB1A:

1. For a strong case, a ballpark number of how many recommendation letters should one attach to the application? 5? 10? More the better or quality > quantity?

2. Is there a validity of recommendation letters? What if I collect letters today but apply for EB1A 1 year or 2 years later?

3. Is it mandatory for the recommenders to write the letters on the official letterhead of their company/college


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To make a strong case, it is not just about the number of recommendation letters, but also the quality of the letters. A ballpark estimate for the number of letters would be around 5 to 10. Quality is definitely more important than quantity. When considering recommendation letters, people who know you by reputation rather than just personally are given more weight. It is important that the letters are detailed, with specific reasoning about what makes you special and why you are in the top 10%. The qualifications of the people writing the letters, including their resumes, should also be included. The validity of recommendation letters can become questionable if they are too old, so it is better to obtain recent letters if possible. However, if there is a choice between getting an old letter or no letter at all, it is better to have an old letter. If the letter writer cannot write on official letterhead, they should include a line stating that their opinion is not that of their employer.