L-1A to EB-1

I am on L-1A (been about 4 years) from company A and in closing stages of getting a very good offer from company B. Both A & B are global corporations. For company A, I oversee business across continents (Both North America & Latin America). Company B is very keen on having me on board. 1. What are all the possible options on visa front so that I can join company B? 2. What is the quickest option that can help me get on to company B? 3. If I want GC, can company B file for it when am still on payroll of company A - if so, can it be EB-1?

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Since A and B are not related, H-1B is the only obvious option to join B. B can start your green card even before you join, but it will not be EB1 (international manager/exec.).

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