Chances to get EB2 with B.Sc.

I have B.Sc. from Israel(06/2002) At 10/2002 I started M.Sc. At the same time I was working as QA eng.(1.5 years) and was checking exercises and exams in university. I stopped my M.Sc. in the middle and joined the company I am working for till now. After 3 years I was relocated to US. Currently I am 4 years in relocation and decided to apply for green card. The law firm, my company works with, decided that I should be on EB3 path. What are my chances to get the EB2 with B.Sc.(Israel)+1.5 years in QA(Israel)+3 years development(Israel)+4 years development(US)?

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Your degree must be equivalent to a US Bach. degree. Incomplete degrees are not counted for EB2.

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