F-1 to H-1B lottery - How to transfer and change jobs from employer A to employer B?

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1. I am a F-1 student graduating in May 2021. An employer "X" wants to e-register me for the H1B lottery and I am hoping for a better offer from employer "Y". Suppose I got selected in the H1B lottery filed by "X". Can I start working for employer "Y"? What are my options to work for employer "Y"?

2. Can employer "Y" file my H1B petition even though I was registered in the lottery by "X"?

3. Can I ask "X" to not file an H1B petition after winning the lottery and use F1-opt as work authorization?

4. I am also applying for F1-OPT. Can I use my F1-opt to work till September for "Y" and then use H1B in October to work for "Y" while it was filed by employer "X"? I believe "X" would send an H1B petition with change of status.


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1. As long as you have your OPT you can work for any employer.
2. No. 
3. Absolutely you can.
4.Yes, absolutely you can.


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