Filing H-4 and H-1 simultaneously || Status of F-1 once H-4 is approved || Most efficient way to get EAD F-1 or H-4?

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My case in brief:

I am currently of F1 OPT (STEM), valid until 15th June 2023.

My company will be filing for H1B this March.

However, I am wondering if I should be filing for an H4 visa simultaneously.

Could you tell me how long it takes for an H4 visa and an h4 EAD to process?

If I file for an H4 visa in February, would I lose my f1 visa as soon as the h4 visa is approved?

Is there any new policy where I can get h4EAD sooner? And moved my F1 EAD to h4 EAD without any employment gap?

Should I wait for the h1b result before applying for an h4 visa?

What is the best scenario to switch from F1 OPT EAD to h4 EAD, without/minimum employment gap?


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If you have been selected in the lottery, you will get a cap gap extension.  If you do not get selected in the lottery, then obviously you have to go to H-4, you have plenty of time to figure that out. As soon as the change of status is approved, you lose your F-1.  Premiuming through your husband would be great if that works for you.