Getting H-1B Extensions Based on of I-140 Approval of Spouse

My wife's I-140 was approved and I was also on her I-140. My non-profit employer also filed my PERM and is pending with USICS. If I have to switch employers before my I-140 approval and pending 180 days, I am assuming that my new employer would have to file my GC all over again. Given that I was on my wife's I-140, will I be eligible for H1 extensions after my 6yr period if I don't have my own I-140? Also, can I change employers and my job roles once I have my I-140 approved and pending for 180 days?

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The answer is Yes. If you leave before the I-140 is up, before the PERM is approved, you will not get anything out of that process. If you leave after I-140 approval you will still have to start your green card all over again, but you definitely carry with you, your priority date. On top of that you may also be able to carry in the right to extend H-1B with any employer as long as the I-140 was approved and stayed approved for 180 days. After that, even if it is revoked by the old employer your rights are not disturbed. More...

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