How can we keep the immigration benefits of an approved I-140 (priority date and the right to extend H-1B beyond six years through any employer)?

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Three months after the I-140 approval, I moved from the location of employment given in my PERM application. I will stay with the same company for 180 days after the I-140 approval. To keep all benefits of an approved I-140 after I change employers, what do I have to do? What is the impact of the change of location? Do I have to prove my intention to keep the job permanently? Will the USCIS revoke the I-140 because of the change of location or if I change employers?

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The moment your I-140 is approved your priority date is yours to keep. It can only be revoked if there is fraud, misrepresentation or some gross error in your paperwork. You can leave this employer and go somewhere else. You will have to start the green card all over again but you keep that date.
On the other hand, if the I-140 stays approved for 180 days without withdrawal or revocation you also have the right to keep extending your H-1B beyond six years with any employer until your priority date becomes current, when you are supposed to have filed the I-485. Your wife also has the right to keep extending her H-4EAD based upon your H-1B extensions. The I-140 upon approval immediately gives you the priority date to keep forever. That priority date can be transferred across visa categories and job categories. Once the I-140 is approved and stays approved for 180 days you have the right to extend your H-1B through any employer beyond six years, even if you left the employer 10 days after filing the I-140. Therefore you don't have to maintain the job for 180 days. Your I-140 must remain unrevoked for 180 days.

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