The new regulations, withdrawal of I-140, H-1 extensions

I have an approved I-140 with priority date 2013 from employer A and my employer A is withdrawing it. I am going to apply I-140 with employer B now in regular processing and also porting the date. I will complete my 6 years of H-1 end of the year. Will I still be eligible for 3 years of H-1 extension with my approved I-140 from employer A?

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The moment your I-140 is approved the date is yours, the moment it stays unrevoked for 180 days your right to extend your H-1 with any employer remains safe even if the 1-I40 is revoked. But the caution that I was pointing out to be is sometimes USCIS can go back and revoke an already approved I-140. But they have raised the bar on that too. They will not be able to take away your rights merely because they made an error. The error has to be something I call error plus, basically which means there were some certain facts that were not in evidence when they approved the case. More 

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