What happens if you stay outside the U.S. for more than 8 months as a permanent resident

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Does it pose a problem if we stay out of the USA for 8 months or more while having permanent residency and returning after that duration? If so, what can be done to remedy this?


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The green card remains valid as long as you don't exceed the 12-month mark. Crossing this deadline leads to losing the green card and going through complicated procedures to retrieve it. If you stay outside the US for more than six months, you are subject to close examination by Customs and Border Protection at the airport. However, if your absence is less than six months, you can pass without being questioned extensively. The critical six-month mark should be taken seriously. If you stay outside for more than eight months, expect to be asked questions about the reason for your lengthy absence. Therefore, carrying evidence supporting your reason, such as selling your property or helping a family member, can be useful.