Deportation when a permanent resident is involved in Shoplifting

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My uncle has been a US Permanent Resident since Apr 2021, and recently he got into trouble with Shoplifting Theft (Misdemeanor B). The prosecutor is ready to lower the punishment to Misdemeanor class C theft along with 6 months of unsupervised deferred probation (fine of 99$) with NO CONVICTION. Also, after 2 years, he will have the option for the case to be expunged from the records.

Question: Will this create a legal problem with his current immigration status (LPR), and also, will he face issues after 4-5 years when he is ready to apply for his US citizenship considering the case has been expunged from the records?

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These cases do not worry me much as it looks like a  minor offense. Although I recommend you speak with a lawyer who practices deportation defense in the state in which the crime occurred. They would know the local criminal statutes. Also remember expungement has no meaning under immigration law. Even if your record gets expunged and if there is ever a question as to your arrest you have to say yes, because the expungement under immigration law has no meaning.

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