Working outside the U.S. for four months with a recently issued green card

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I got my green card last month. I plan to go to India and work from India for a U.S. company for 4 months continuously. This U.S. company is the company that sponsored me for G.C.
Is it legally allowed from the USCIS point of view because I stayed and worked for four months continuously from India? Will there be an issue at the port of entry when I return to the U.S. because I stayed and worked for four months continuously from India?


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If you leave for less than six months, your scrutiny upon re-entry is not likely to be overly intrusive. As long as you do not form the intention to abandon your permanent home in the United States, that work stint should be fine. You should also not have given up your job in the United States. In your case, you are working for the same company that was your green card petitioner. Working abroad appears to be a continuation of your U.S. employment. Therefore, this arrangement and duration appear to be safe.



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