H-1B revoked by the USCIS - impact on Quota/lottery exemption

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I have question to related to H1B revocation and Cap exemption.

I am based in India and have never traveled to the US. Back in 2014, Employer A filed H1B for me. It got picked in the lottery, got approved for 3 years till August 2017. When I went for Visa stamping at Chennai consulate, I was given 221g and the case was sent back to USCIS and it got revoked in August 2017. ( about 3 years later of my H1B Approval)

Now I have an employer B who is ready to sponsor H1B. Am I eligible for cap exempt or should i go through the regular CAP quota? Earlier H1B can be used and transferred to my new employer?

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If an H-1B is revoked it gives you no benefit. You are back in quota. The moment it is revoked you have no benefit from that at all and if there is any kind of fraud allegation against you, you cannot come back to the United States at all. That's the permanent bar from entering the U.S with very few exemptions. 



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