How Many Days Can I Stay In The USA After H-1B Denial?

I was moved from Company A to Company B on Sep 2017 on the basis of receipt notice but now on may 14 2018 i got denial notice for Company B & they immediately told me to stop working. My H1B got denied because of specialty occupation. My Company B again refile my H1B on premium but on 18th June 2018 again there is RFE on Specialty company is planning to reply RFE but I don't know how much time they will take. So now my question is if my this new petition also got deny due to Specialty occupation then how many days i will get to leave from USA

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The new regulations that became effective on Jan 17, 2017 now clearly says that if you were working for Employer A and Employer B filed your H-1B transfer and you joined Employer B using the receipt they got an RFE further along the line, the H-1B transfer got denied, government says you can go back and join Employer A as long as you never work without authorization and as long as the employer A has not revoked your H-1B and lastly the job that they had gotten approved for you is still in existence. More...


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