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Scenario: Currently working for company A. Company B has filed H1B petition and gotten approval for Oct 1st start date. Unfortunately, Project with company B goes away before Oct 1 and company B doesn't revoke my visa before Oct 1st.

1) Since I will automatically move to H1B on Oct 1st and I don't have that project anymore, can I continue to work for my current employer using the new H1B visa? (What options I have if I want to use the new H1B visa and work for the same employer?)

2) In the same case, will company A be notified about my new H1B visa on Oct 1st?

3) Will company A have to rehire me for H-1B transfer? or can I continue to work with them while the transfer is pending?

4) How would it work if I find a new project through a new company C? Would they need to file for H-1B transfer as well ?

5) What info can USCIS ask for H-1B transfer in that case? What sort of RFEs may come up?


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You can't work for your current employer (Company A) on the new H-1B. File an H-1B transfer to Company A. USCIS won't notify them. Consider a lawyer consultation to possibly keep working at A while the transfer is pending.

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