Change of jobs with an approved I-140 from employer A and Reapplying PERM through B

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I have an approved I-140 from my old employer 'A' with a priority date from 2017. Now I am working for employer 'B'. I have a couple of questions about this:

i) Is it worth doing my PERM here through employer 'B' again if I plan to change jobs soon (maybe in a year or so)?

ii) Are there any benefits of doing the PERM now through employer 'B'?

iii) Or would you suggest doing the PERM with my next employer and not bother with the PERM through employer 'B'?


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If you are likely to keep moving employers, you could hold off until you know where you will be working long term. You already have a priority date. The date is not likely to become current soon, although freak fluctuations do occur. It makes sense to wait to file PERM again once you are in a long-term position. More...



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