Staying outside the US on Re-Entry Permit Validity, Usage, and Multiple Entries for Green Card Holders

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Applied for I131, ReEntry Permit for my parents, who hold GC

Receipt Notice: 12/27/2022

Biometrics: Jan 2023

Left US: March 1, 2023

Approval Notice received: 03/07/2024 with validity from 02/29/2024 to 02/27/2026


While the intention is to be back in the US as soon as possible, can parents stay outside US till 02/27/2026 or do they need to be back before Feb 25, 2025 (as it would be two years by then since they left)?​

Can the re-entry permit be used for multiple entries, or is it just for one-time use?​


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One can stay outside the US for the entire validity period of the re-entry permit, and yes, they can use it for multiple entries during that time.


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