Rules for Counting 6 Years of H-1B

I got H-1B approval in August 2013 valid from Oct 2013 to Sept 2016. After this, I traveled to the US in August 2014 on H-1B & I am here till now. My question is, till what time I can stay in the USA. I know for H-1B we get 6 years. But will this count my earlier stay on L-1B? For more than 2 years, I didn't enter to the US. Will it be until August 2020 or ( August 2020 minus the L1B stay ) ?

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Any time that you spend on H-1 and L-1 will be counted together. So if you spend two years on L-1B or L-1A you've got four years left on H-1. The second rule is if you go outside the USA for one year the entire period is reset so you could have six years of H-1 back. If you were here on L-1A for seven years, then you went back to your home country stayed there for one year, did not come to the USA and even if you did come for a brief visit and then you have to be out those extra days you came, for example: if you came for 10 days you have to be out for ten days for the clock to be reset. You got your six years of H-1 reset. One thing L-1 is counted towards your H-1 and second thing, if you are outside for one year the period is reset. The next thing you need to know is every day you are outside the USA on H-1 you can recapture every day that you are outside. If you are outside the USA more than six months you get the entire year back. More 

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