Specific Issues In The Trump NTA Policy For Denials

I am in USA on work visa (11+ years with same company), I-140 approved from Feb 2011. My current H1 is valid till 8/20/2018, my company already applied for extension on 04/12/2018 under normal processing. If Extension denied after 8/20/2018, in how many days we have to leave USA? In how many days they will send NTA notice?

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If the RFE looks like it is really difficult to win, maybe leave USA while it is pending and wait outside if the case gets approved, get a visa and come back, but there you could have a problem. The visa stamping can take a long time, but of course if you have an existing visa you can return on that but if you don't have an existing visa for eg: H-1B visa and you have to apply for a new one, then be prepared for delays and I would always prepare clients or employers to send the work to your home country wherever you are because it is perfectly legal to be working outside USA while you wait for the visa stamping. 

On the other hand the NTA does not say you cannot file appeal. Hence it is a really bad policy created by Trump. More...


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