Traveling on a TN or L-1 Visa From Canada?

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1. What are TN and L nonimmigrant classifications?<br>
2. How can Canadian citizens obtain TN and L-1 classifications? <br>
3. I am a first time TN and L-1 applicant – am I required to go to a designated port of entry?<br>
4. Which ports of entry are designated for optimized processing?


1. The TN nonimmigrant classification permits qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens to seek temporary entry into the United States to engage in business activities at a professional level. The L-1 nonimmigrant classification - Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager – enables a U.S. employer to transfer an executive or manager from one of its affiliated foreign offices to one of its offices in the United States.  This classification also enables a foreign company that does not yet have an affiliated U.S. office to send an executive or manager to the U.S. with the purpose of establishing one.

2. Canadian citizens can continue to apply for TN and L classifications at U.S. ports of entry or U.S. preclearance facilities with the required documentation.

3. No, you may continue to go to any port of entry along the Canadian border for processing; however, we encourage you to go to one of the designated ports of entry where you will receive optimized processing.

4. Fourteen total ports are designated, to include 4 preclearance locations.

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