Working outside the United States on H-1B visa and the implications for remote employees

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Is there any legal limit on how many days a H-1B employee can work outside the  United States? A quick search around forums, I came across 30 workdays to 60 workdays being the limit BUT it was a comment from someone and hence unreliable.

My workplace in the USA is my home, I am fully remote and LCA filing has Place of Employment Information as my home address in the USA. I got picked on H1B just this year and I have been outside of the States since the 23rd of September. My H1B obviously started on Oct 1st and I have a situation here at my home and only planning to return in the middle of December. I had/have some days of leave/vacation in October and November. So, won't be fully working. I counted the days that I will work till mid-December, and it summed up to about 42.


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If your salaries are consistently paid, you can work outside the U.S. without any issue. This time spent abroad doesn't count toward the six-year H-1B limit. There's no legal limit on the number of days for remote work. Your fully remote status is supported by the LCA designating your home as your workplace. If you've been outside the U.S. since September 23rd and have specific concerns, please see an immigration lawyer’s assistance.