Exploring permanent work and stay options in the U.S. for Canadian Permanent Resident

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As a Canadian PR and having completed my post-graduate studies in Canada along with five years of Canadian work experience (HR), are there any specific visas I can apply for to work and stay permanently in the US? I will be eligible for my Canadian citizenship in March 2024.

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A Canadian immigrant doesn't enjoy any special advantages over others. However, once you attain Canadian citizenship, numerous new opportunities become available. For instance, you become eligible for Treaty Trader and Treaty Investor visas like E-1 and E-2, as well as TN visas. Additionally, for most visa categories, you don't actually require a visa stamp. As a Canadian citizen, you can enter the United States without a visa, except for E visas and K visas. Visas such as F-1 and tourist visas typically aren't necessary; you can simply arrive at the border or airport with your Canadian passport. That's how the process works. It's important to note that being a permanent resident of Canada doesn't provide any advantage in the United States.


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