B-2 visa dilemma: Extend or switch to CPT for PERM/I-140

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I am currently on a B2 status and waiting for PERM approval. I have extended my B2 once, and I still think I would need another six months until my perm and I140 get approved. I need your suggestion in making a decision:

Should I move to day 1 CPT OR extend my B2 for another six months?

Which one will be the best option so I don’t get any RFEs from USCIS in the future?

I have another question: My parents and brother have their B2 visa interview scheduled for May 31st. If they ask my parents about me, is it a good idea to mention my situation in the interview?


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If you are on a B-2 visa waiting for PERM approval. You can choose between:
Day 1 CPT: Allows you to work while studying but requires school enrollment.
B-2 extension: Extends your stay but may not allow work. Choosing depends on your work needs and ability to enroll in school.
Regarding your parents' visa interview, advise them to answer truthfully about your situation. Don't misrepresent information to USCIS.